WP3 progress

The objective of WP3 is to create a new way of blending formal and non-formal learning methods by using innovative tools of virtual reality experience. The virtual reality experience “Emotions of love”, as divided by partners, consists of 3 emotional rooms:

● “Falling in love” – represents happiness, overwhelming, being-in-love feeling and is full of different objects (art, poems), sounds of music samples, and visual animations that the player can take to their hands and read, observe , and listen.

● “Falling out of love” – represents heartbreak, frustration, anger, the colors also become darker and the images are those of a broken vase, Chinese lanterns breaking and hail hitting the window.

● “Aftermath” – represents the overcoming of pain and for this reason it transforms into a 360-degree blank canvas, in which through painting or writing it is possible to give vent to one’s feelings and plan the future.

Partners have already provided feedback on the scenario of the VR experience. The latter is conceived to be like a narrative experience or a movie, where the viewer can be part of and use different senses (viewing, hearing, touching) more immersively.