Kissing Tartu

Kissing Tartu is an Erasmus+ project co-founded by the European Union.

It’s been developed by a series of partners coming from different countries- Estonia, Denmark, Malta- and it can be located inside the framework of the bigger event which will take place in Tartu – from the 16 th to the 19 th  of May- coinciding with Tartu being European Capital of Culture in 2024.

Tartu is a city where the culture of “kissing” has always been present and, together with our partners, we decided to take this opportunity to spread among the youngest part of European citizens, what sexuality truly is and to allow them to learn more about it.


It’s an opportunity for the students, from the 6 th to the 12 th grade, to learn more about the culture of kissing, but also to learn more about sexual and health education, which is sometimes underestimated or not explained properly.

We aim to make them aware of sexual and health education so that they can make responsible choices. Young people need to know more about it, considering they are in their teens, a crucial phase for the growth and development of the individual. It’s of crucial importance for students to be truly aware of the many aspects of sexuality.


It is also an instrument of prevention: raising awareness among young people of the risks they may face, will surely have an impact on their sexual behavior, preventing unwanted situations from occurring.


We decided to do it through a series of free educational tools, which we believe will be enjoyable to use for millennials. The main tools we have created are e-quizzes – through which students can test their knowledge and learning, but more than anything, can learn everything they don’t know about sexuality. Another tool we have created is the virtual reality experience, through which students can experience aspects they may not know.


E-learning is, for instance, the best way they can learn something, while still enjoying what they’re doing. There is no limit of time or space, as these tools can be used whenever students wish to.


It’s an optimal educational opportunity that can bring many benefits both in their educational and personal life. Benefits may concern their health, getting to know risks they may not have known before and so, once learned, acting to prevent them. Prevention is, for instance, the best way to be safe. Being aware of their sexuality and sexual and health education can also help them enjoy this aspect of their life more.


On our platforms, we share many contents regarding this topic, which are certainly more visually appealing – especially for young people – than this article.

If you want to know more, follow us on our social media, check out the Tartu 2024 webpage, and get on board!

Try our e-quizzes, learn, and enjoy the virtual reality experiences we are offering you. Learning has never been that easy!

If you are a school and want to take part in the project, contact us.

If you’re a student and want to get involved, just follow us and start learning through our tools. We are counting on you!

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