KISSING TARTU is an ERASMUS+ project aiming to develop new ways to integrate non-formal and formal learning opportunities for different countries in the field of sexual and health education. The motivation for the project is to increase the importance of youth work and it’s recognition by improving recognition ways but also to provide effective and innovative sexual and health education.  

This will result in two concrete outcomes: the e-quiz & the training filed, and the virtual reality experience in 3D free of charge accessible for everyone. By implementing the project, the youth will have innovative tools to gain new knowledge on the topic of love and sexual health.  

The project consortium is constituted of 5 partners 

  1. NGO Tartu Student House from Estonia (project coordinator) 
  2. Institut pro regionalni rozvoj, o. p. s. from Czech Republic 
  3. Maru VR Productions Ltd from Estonia 
  4. School for Health in Europe Network Foundation from Denmark 
  5. AGENZIJA ZGHAZAGH from Malta 

Within KISSING TARTU 3 Work Packages will be produced: 

  • WP1: Management and monitoring of the progress, quality and achievements of the project activities.  
  • WP2: Creation of a e-quiz accessible free of charge for everyone and an international sexual and health conference that will bring together teachers, youth workers, and experts working with the youth or the ones researching the field. 
  • WP3: Use of virtual reality experience “Emotions of love”, which will enable participants to learn in an interactive way about the experience of being in love. 

This project will have a duration of 24 months, starting on October of 2022 and ending in September of 2024. The total eligible budget of the project is 250.000 EUR.