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Institut pro regionální rozvoj, o.p.s. together with 13 partners from 10 different countries has been involved in a new project YOU ARE WELCOME. The aim is to deconstruct the process of migrants’ stigmatization, help communities involved overcome stereotypes and develop counter narratives for more accurate perceptions of migrants and refugees stemming in participating countries.

Through project activities, in the “How We View Each Other” research phase, will assess how the hate speech and propaganda arise on fertile ground of economic and security fears in selected communities, and how they contribute to radicalized behaviours both from the indigenous communities and new arrivals. The part of project activities will be also the educational and interactive seminars.

Finally, at the Final Conference, we will strengthen the foundations for continued intercultural dialogue and increase of mutual understanding. The legacy of project will be a European transnational network of young activists, emerging leaders in their organizations, communities, municipalities, with ambitions to actively combat stigmatization of “immigrants” and build counter narratives to hate speech. It will provide tools like the Educational Videos and a Guidebook to foster intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and civic participation of third-country nationals.

Leader partner is: : Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. from Germany

Partner organisations:

  • Institut pro regionální rozvoj, o.p.s.
  • Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Germany
  • Interessengemeinschaft „13. Februar 1945“ e.V., Germany
  • Glaser Jakab Emlekalapitvany, Hungary
  • Opstina Kanjiza, Serbia
  • Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, UK
  • Dimos Serron, Greece
  • Otherness project, Denmark
  • Interkulturelles Zentrum, Austria
  • Association Civil Centre for Sustainable Development EGRI, Former Yugoslav Republic of Makedonia
  • Omilos Unesco Serron Ellados, Greece
  • Institucia Regionalnych Aktivit Novohradu, Slovakia