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To Go International (TOGI) is a European project introducing the topic of the international cooperation, EU citizenship and project management to young people from small municipalities and rural areas. The project puts strong emphasis on the added value to the youth ant the main objectives are to :

  • provide the young persons through various methods of non-formal education theoretical and practical information about the possibilities of European integration
  • provide the young persons the skills in connection with project management
  • introduce and deepen the youth´ knowledge about EU citizenship
  • improve and get better awareness among the youth about their personal capacities, their character and skills
  • improve the language skills of youth
  • therefore raise the youth career opportunities on the job market

The TOGI project was successfully accepted to receive the Erasmus + program funds. Institute for Regional Development (IRR) is involved in the project, together with the Romanian organization Asociatia Young Society Europe, Bulgaria’s presidential Club and Italian Comunitá Nuova Onlus.

The project is split in two parts. Firstly, there will be an Advance Planning Meeting (APM). The APM will take place in Prague from the 15th to 17th of June 2015 and will host eight participants, two per partner (one group leader and one youngster). It will set all the details for the second part of the project,  the TOGI Youth Exchange.

The Youth Exchange will be held in Prague as well, from the 2nd to 11th September 2015. There will be 22 participants, 4 young people and 1 group leader for each organization. It is expected that the participants will improve key competences during the project that will help them in their future career prospects.  The participants will get non formal education, such better cultural awareness and expression, interpersonal and civic competences skills, learning to learn skills and presentation skills.