European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service (hereinafter EVS) is one of the mobility project within Program Erasmus+. EVS allows young people to get involved individually or in groups to the voluntary project held in country EU and EFTA, in the countries of South Eastern and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and other partner’s countries.

The aim of EVS is to develop solidarity and promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people.

EVS allows young people to do voluntary service from two to twelve months in another country, than they come from. It is really “educational service”.

Volunteers are the benefit for the local community, they learn new skills and languages, and learn another culture. Voluntary service is not paid, non-profit and the full-time sevice.

The project EVS can focus on the various themes. Voluntary service can be performed in the theme of culture, sports, art, social care, youth, environment and many other themes.

A volunteer can be every young human (18 – 30 years old). In case limited opportunities – a volunteer can be a human who is 17 years old.

The knowledge of the language host country or perfect knowledge of English language is not needed.

The activity of a volunteer is focused on obtaining new knowledge and skills and to develope skills useful for his personal, technical and professional development.

From 90 % of the fare, full paid accommodation, food, local transport, language course, travel health insurance and pocket money are paid from the grant for his.

EVS is not!
• Traineeship in the company,
• Language course,
• Recreational or tourist activity,
• Temporary voluntary service as a part-time
• Duration of study or professional training abroad
• Must not replace a paid job
• Must not be used as a cheap labor exploitation

Sending, Coordinating and Host Organization
Partners in project voluntary service are volunteers, Sending Organization, Coordinating Organization and Host Organization. Each of them has special roles and missions.

  • Coordinating Organisation (CO): CO takes on the role of the applicant and bears the financial and administrative responsibility for the entire project towards the National or Executive Agency. CO may not necessarily be in the project SO or HO (though it may be). In EVS projects involving only one volunteer is either the SO or HO. In the EVS project can be only one CO.
  • Sending organization (SO): SO gathering and transmitting one or more volunteers. In the EVS project can be one or more SO.
  • Host Organisation (HO): HO receives one or more volunteers. In the EVS project can be one or more HO.