Kick-off meeting in the project YOU ARE WELCOME

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YOU ARE WELCOME: European Network for Integration of Refugees at Local Level and Combating Hate Speech

Institute for Regional Development, o.p.s. is involved in a project called YOU ARE WELCOME, which is funded by the Europe for Citizens program. The project arose from identification of the dangers of xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination arising in Europe.

The project brings together 10 countries and 13 partners committed to support migrant and refugee integration, community development and promoting evidence–based policy making in the area of migration.

Lead partner: Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. from Germany

Other partners:

  1. Institut pro regionální rozvoj, o.p.s.
  2. Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Germany
  3. Interessengemeinschaft „13. Februar 1945“ e.V., Germany
  4. Glaser Jakab Emlekalapitvany, Hungary
  5. Opstina Kanjiza, Serbia
  6. Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, UK
  7. Dimos Serron, Greece
  8. Otherness project, Denmark
  9. Interkulturelles Zentrum, Austria
  10. Association Civil Centre for Sustainable Development EGRI, Former Yugoslav Republic of Makedonia
  11. Omilos Unesco Serron Ellados, Greece
  12. Institucia Regionalnych Aktivit Novohradu, Slovakia

In the days 7 to 10 April was held kick-off meeting in Dresden, where the individual project partners met, presented the organizations they represent, others familiar with the concept of migration in their country and agreed on the next steps in the project.

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