About the project

The Institute for Regional Development is presenting the “OPEN EUROPEAN SOCIETIES” project, which aims at fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding as well as to combat the stigmatization of immigrants and refugees. Europe has been experiencing movements of people since its earliest stages and the migration crisis has recently become one of the most debated topics. For this reason we would like to help  the peaceful co-existence of different nations and cultures in the area.

Objectives and aims of the project will be achieved through a research on the migration history of the partners’ cities and countries, transnational and local workshops, study-visits, debates, intercultural dialogue, networking, volunteering activities, campaigning, informal learning, cultural and art activities.

These actions will support the fight against the concepts of terrorism, xenophobia, religious intolerance and discrimination and the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment.

Different generations of migrants will be brought together to foster intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and they will share their stories to raise awareness on the long history of migration in Europe. Local citizens from each partner country will be actively involved in the process, to compare different national points of view and demonstrate the positive and peaceful aspects of co-existence.

The legacy of OPEN EUROPEAN SOCIETIES will be a European transnational network of young activists, emerging leaders in their organizations, communities, municipalities, with ambitions to actively combat stigmatization of “immigrants” and build counter narratives to hate speech. It will foster intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and civic participation of third-country nationals, to continue beyond the life of the project, and to connect to a wider European community.