Europe Direct Information Centre Bruntál organized in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament  total of 5 lectures for students and secondary school students in the district Bruntál and Opava. The theme was the European Parliament – with an emphasis on the European elections in 2014.

Lectures took place in the Secondary School transport and tourism in Krnov, Secondary Teaching School and Secondary medical school in Krnov Secondary School in Bruntal, professional school in Opava and private high school practitioners in Horni Benesov. A total of 192 male and female students.

The lecture was about:

-a brief insight into the problems of the European Union (the history, symbols, institutions and others.)
-introduction of the institution of the European Parliament (mission, objectives, powers, composition, political groups and others.)
-familiarization with the election campaign in 2014
on STS – DCR Krnov and SPgŠ and SZŠ Krnov i “MEP from life” – MEPs debate with students.

Students receive information and promotional materials, where they can find additional information of the European Union, the European Parliament, the EP elections or eg. The Europe Direct Information Centre Bruntál.