Save Water – Save Future


Between the 4th and13th of May, the Institute for Regional Development hosted its flagship project “Save Water – Save Future” financed by the Youth in Action Programme. The event brought together young individuals from Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Czech Republic.

The event approached mainly the youth informal education focusing on environmental topics, and underlined the issue of management of water resources as well as its conscious daily usage. The activities were carried out through interactive workshops, group presentations and games. Participants were able to successfully gain hands-on experience and enhance their professional knowledge on the field, while also expanding and strengthening key networks. With the support of local constituencies, the participants had the opportunity to visit a wastewater treatment plant in Bubeneč, Prague 6. As “Save Water – Save Future” has engaged and contributed to advocate water as a foundation of sustainable development, the event also provided the participants with a lecture in the centennial Czech University of Life Sciences.

Upon the end of the project, all participants completed artistic works embracing the theme of water and exhibited them at the historic square in the Old Town quarter of Prague. As the Old Town Square is frequently bursting at the seams with tourists and locals, its location was essential to engage passerbyers in fruitful discussions on the relevance of water for the environment.

Moreover, the event was structured in partnership with the Youth in Action Program and Youth in the World, all of which aim at supporting projects not only with EU neighboring countries but also with countries throughout the globe. The overarching mission of Action 3.1 – Exchange of Youth is to maintain projects of groups of young individuals between the age of 13-25 who share similar interests and aims. The initiative’s core goal is to educate the youth in order to spark their interests and to encourage and enhance cooperation between countries.

This project was made possible with the financial assistance from the European Union. This message does not represent the point of view of the European Commission.  The interpretations and opinions contained in it are solely those of the author(s).